And Swallow A Red Pill With A Glass of Brut Réserve

It’s the New Year, and it looks like two people have already crossed the River Styx with the Moronic variant. What should we do? Shut down the planet, cancel the party, get boosters, and hunker in the basement until Oooh-la-la-Moroni (a frightful ancient Egyptian cheese deity) ceases to exist?


Admit that this virus, just like every other highly infectious little critter, will be assimilated by humanity in the way the Borgs swallowed them into a grander whole. That’s how natural biology has worked for us since the beginning of time, as well.

The Borgs screwed up on many levels, admittedly. They didn’t know how to love or have fun, for example. And they weren’t fully biological being half android, stiff, and boring. But their basic idea was solid. 

Don’t fight a critter. Assimilate it! 

Incidentally, assimilation is how our gut, the most important community in our body, operates. If you get a nasty infection down there, nuking it (e.g., with antibiotics) will empower the nasty critters. Instead, increase the number and variance of good bugs. Eat raw sauerkraut and fermented stuff. Play with dirt. Kiss people. Stop sterilizing the shit out of everything. This is how you get your neurotransmitters, endocrine system, immune system, and a few other mainline systems back online. 

The timeless Eastern secret works because it perceives the human body as an energetic whole, not just as a set of mechanical organs under threat from an alien attack. Our modern paradigm may require a few more centuries to tap into this protosecret if the current wizards continue to rule.

The variant, by the way, is eternal. It will eventually be hosted by all of us – as long as we’re alive. It is precisely like every other variant (trillions of them, everywhere, including your nostrils). They empower the body with vital functions, including the immune system. They will continue changing, adapting, assimilating, sometimes sleeping until the universe singes in a grand finale. They constitute the overwhelming majority in our biological democracy.

They reflect how life rolls – growing, integrating, evolving, dying, and regenerating.

Biological life is composed of critters. We’re ninety-nine percent critters, one percent self-delusion that we’re not critters.

With every assimilation, we get stronger. With every attempt to isolate, we get weaker.

The Moronic variant spreads a lot faster than the Oh-Deltoid-variant. Oh my. It also requires no more than a few napkins to manage – unless you’re already dying from the usual complications that 165,000 people die from every day.

If you’re not already dying, then try the grandma’s flu recipe. Like bone broth. Hot tea. Sympathy. Relaxation. Breathing air – unobstructed. Avoiding assholes. These are all sensible ideas from an older generation who still understood the immune system. Any one of these ideas can beat shelves of hi-tech pills and boosters at your local pharmacy.

Reading a great book or watching a great movie can help, too. Stories energize when they’re genuine. What we’ve been exposed to for the last two years represents the opposite—the insidious side of storytelling.

By the time the actual story comes out, the future alien societies won’t believe how homo sapiens – even at the inception stages of its evolution – bought and swallowed a story that benefited a handful – and got everyone else in a deadly shit storm. 

“Fuckers were responsible for their extinction! Hoo-hoo-hoo.” They will snicker.

The truth is straightforward. No counterpoints, angles, or shades are left anymore to this particular story. The data is in, and it’s undeniable.

The orchestrators of the current story are psychopaths with an alarmingly narrow spectrum of consciousness. They have engineered a planetary catastrophe for their gain – not realizing that it will bite them in the end – the hardest. That’s the real story.

At the bottom of that implacable stupidity stands something else. Most probably fear and insecurity – the inability to let go of the old ways, the obsession to control every minor aspect of our material reality – from here to eternity. Not accepting that life is in constant flux, never static, unless you’re already dying.

And dying they are – just slowly.

It’s the old Anakin Skywalker story, with a new setting (Earth rather than Tatooine), boosted by reality.

Pointing fingers at the maniacs won’t save anyone. Screaming out of the windows won’t, either. The psychological roots of this planetary snafu are topics that future generations will write treatises on, as a warning to other future civilizations, just like Hannah Arendt’s 1963 book on Adolf Eichmann, which delves into the abyss in the human soul when conditions are (not) right.

These conditions are now back. Ripe for another, more bottomless abyss.

The only thing that can save us now is a reignition of our sense of conscience – multiplied by the critical number of citizens who can still shake off the brain fog and become responsible.

The first duty is to the most innocent part of the narrative. The kids. They dropped onto this planet, thinking their parents would watch out for them. They are getting harmed and about to be harmed in catastrophic proportions.

None of the variants pose an actual threat to children. Some children will die with a variant, but the death has nothing to do with the variant. Same as with all so-called variant fatalities in the last two years. As a rule, people die with, and not of, the variant. At least 96 percent died with in the past two years, making the variants no more dangerous than a common flu1.  

Did you know that you died from a variant in the UK, for example, if you just recovered from one and then got run over by a double-decker bus? That’s how the current worldwide mortality stats roll currently a’la WHO.

The real threat is myocarditis and other autoimmune-related conditions caused by the jab and the cascade effects of lockdowns procedures, especially isolation.

Iatrogenesis, aka harm or death by medicine, was the third leading cause of death in the US before this mess2. Now it’s creeping into the leader category.

Myocarditis rates alone are through the roof – especially after boosters. One in 95 boys were recently diagnosed with myocarditis in a California private school3, as an example.

The death rate for myocarditis is 20 percent in 6.5 years4. 

Read that again. One in five.

The risk of dying from the jab rather than the moronic variant is infinitely higher for kids. Kids are not dying from variants, period. Even with the 65+ demographic, the conservative risk-benefit ratio is about five-to-one, with updated estimates5.

Like the river Nile, the dark data goes on, winding and curving, as endless as Caesar’s nights with Cleopatra.

Some of the world’s leading infectious disease experts and pathologists have opened up cadavers who died suspiciously after the jab and confirmed the worst expectations. Myocarditis and a spectrum of other immune-related adverse conditions are wreaking havoc in the organs and tissues6. They move unpredictably and affect every age class. The effects of this blowback Tsunami are only in the beginning stages.

The original inventor of mRNA shots, Dr. Robert Malone, is trying to stop kids from getting jabbed, with a compilation of research that is impossible to refute7. Twitter shut him down yesterday.

A new book outlines the background and evolution of psychopaths and their machinery with over 2,200 references that no one has refuted. You can buy this book for $2.90 for kindle and start reading now8.

A serial startup engineer, Steve Kirsch used his investigative skills after people began to die around him. Today he offers a million bucks to anyone able to disprove the main conclusions of his red pill research9

Sixteen thousand doctors agree with signed affidavits: don’t touch the kids10.

Sixty thousand scientists have signed a general affidavit to stop the craziness11.

All we need is reasonable doubt, but we’re way past that.

If the majority doesn’t stop being silent, the next generation may not forgive us.

And that’s what we need now.

The end of silence in 2022.

Happy ‘22!


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