From Aura to Algorithm: The Search for a Universal Healing Principle

When she was five years old, she tried to heal her mother by shaping the colors of her aura. Three decades later, she came across machine algorithms that mimic nature’s healing principle. Today, she combines both natural and machine-made fields to stretch the possibilities of non-intrusive medicine. Imagine an intelligent species of fish debating the existence of water. For the majority, water doesn’t exist because it’s simply not there to be seen. A minority believes that water may exist but in some type of paranormal dimension. And just a small handful of fish can see and feel the flow of…


The Absence of the Obstacle

I’m on my way to the airport at sunrise. A taxi comes to pick me up at the corner of a cobbled street, swerves abruptly sideways, then parks. Despite the morning blur, I notice a conspicuous absence of any type of obstacle. No stray cat, pidgeon, rock, asphalt bump or other geometric or organic protuberance that would force a car to adopt a hard evasive tactic. I jump in the cab and forget about it. The driver is a veteran of the wheel. His face is made of leather, delineated by asphalt and nicotine. He asks me to sit in…


Trauma In The Light Of Berlin

Once upon a time in Berlin I bounced into a medical doctor by the name of Hans (not his real name for reasons that will become obvious). Hans, 56, taught me a bit about ancient Rome, a bit about Berlin and a lot about trauma.  I met Hans at a breakfast joint where he was nursing a hangover, with two shiny tomatoes staring at infinity and fingers tapping Rachmaninov against a coffee cup. He looked like a well-dressed, charismatic man who had reached a melting point, but was somehow containing it. While I sat down in the neighboring table, I…


Life Currency: How We Deplete and Charge Human Energy

In the West we associate human energy with activity. We jackrabbit through the day with 5.5 hours of sleep, junk foods and soda; multitasking family, work, relationships, hobbies, poodles and aunts; collecting toys and memorabilia until they jam the garage. We brag about how much stuff we can get done with so little rest. We counter the energy dips with coffee, sugar, processed foods, nuked carbs, energy drinks, pharmacopeia. The brain shakes its own cocktail, dropping dopamine for a bit of buzz, adrenaline for a bit of push, and a dozen other substances –some of which would fetch a decade…


Sugar: How We Became Her Junkies In Denial

The rise of sugar correlates with a chronic disease plague that few paid attention to before the late 20thcentury. Today, sugar wreaks more biochemical havoc than a century of wars.  What can we do about it? Sugar. I spent four and a half decades in her embrace –fondling her thousand and one manifestations. She was sweet, loving and caring. On a regular day she would give me energy, drive and motivation. On rainy days she’d reward me with compassion or thinly veiled indifference. And when the shit hit the fan, she’d help me forget both the shit and the fan….


The Schumann Love Affair

In 2009, Nobel laureate and HIV co-discoverer Dr. Luc Montagnier put a dent on classical science with a simple wave-water experiment. Montagnier used a homeopathic routine to dissolve bacterial DNA into water with high enough dilutions to eliminate every single DNA molecule from the sample. A separate clean water sample and the diluted sample were exposed to an extremely low frequency belt known as the Schumann Resonance. The clean water sample was then scanned for information. The scan was sent to another, independent lab, which proceeded to successfully reconstruct the original DNA. The experiment showed that water is able to…

energy healing

The Energy Healing Metabolism: Part 1

Indians are sick and dying from the aftermath of Western dietary standards, just like most other colonies. But they also face a healthy alternative, if they tap into their old traditions. I didn’t discover this  2017, after a decade-long journey that brought me to India on a health quest. I was in my early 40s when I began to battle a legion of demons. They came in various forms, from microbial attacks, infections and gut disorders to cyclical fatigue and mood shifts that undermined my overall mojo and wellbeing. Every year, the symptoms got just a little bit worse. I…


Depression Treatment: The War On Your Mind

Army reservist Micah Johnson, 25, had a problem. He kept waking up in the night, dreaming about his buddies being blown up in combat. During the day he was fatigued, unable to focus, demotivated. The army doctor prescribed him the standard PTSD medication as a depression treatment. By the time Micah got back from Afghanistan, he was a mess. Even minor disturbances, like witnessing a small altercation at a shopping mall, gave him panic attacks. On July 7, 2016, Micah went to a peaceful march in Dallas, protesting against police shootings; he took out an assault rifle and opened fire…