What Can We Learn From The Wolf’s Immune System?

Mimicking aspects of the wolf’s lifestyle can lead to a dramatically improved immune system, resilience, and quality of life.


COVID-19: How Does An Arrow Knock Down a Castle?

Underneath the pandemic hides the largest pink elephant in recorded history.


Deconstructing Coincidence

After getting repeatedly locked up by seemingly sentient door handles and elevators, I decided to take another look at the nature of coincidence.


Making Sense Of Wonder

The Sense of Wonder May Contain The Key To Life’s Meaningful Riddle


What Lies Beneath Infertility

The connection between infertility and cellular radiation.


From Aura to Algorithm: The Search for a Universal Healing Principle

Mechthild Rex-Najuch is a leading natural medicine practitioner in Northern Germany who uses a special form of frequency medicine to identify and deal with the root causes of chronic disease.


The Absence of the Obstacle

A taxi driver who sees invisible obstacles everywhere may is demonstrating a most basic human tendency.


Trauma In The Light Of Berlin

Once upon a time in Berlin I bounced into a medical doctor by the name of Hans (not his real name for reasons that will become obvious). Hans, 56, taught me a bit about ancient Rome, a bit about Berlin and a lot about trauma. 


Life Currency: How We Deplete and Charge Human Energy

12 lifestyle tweaks to re-empower mind, body and spirit for optimal energy and health, based on extensive mitochondrial research.


Sugar: How We Became Her Junkies In Denial

The rise of sugar correlates with a chronic disease plague that few paid attention to before the late 20thcentury. Today, sugar wreaks more biochemical havoc than a century of wars.  


The Schumann Love Affair

In 2009, Nobel laureate and HIV co-discoverer Dr. Luc Montagnier put a dent on classical science with a simple wave-water experiment that showed how critical natural electromagnetic waves are for life.

energy healing

The Energy Healing Metabolism: Part 1

The way in which we digest and produce energy through foods, air, water, electromagnetic radiation, even our relationships and sense of purpose, is highly individual. That means the protocol that heals our energy deficiency must be equally individual to be functional.