Obliterate Conformity


In Ancient Rome, the Vestal Virgins pledged themselves to a life of chastity. In 1970s China, Anchee Min was forced to live in a Maoist work camp where sexual contact was punishable by death.

Director, Producer, Writer: Jan Wellmann

Forbidden Sex is one episode of HISTORY CHANNEL series STRANGE RITUALS, produced by Fox Television/Incubator TV. Shot around the world, including Russia, Africa, India, China, this series deals with Sex, Magic, Miracles and Murder throughout history to the present.

Teaser for a documentary on the soft erotic revolution in early 1970s, led by the first mainstream soft-core feature film, EMMANUELLE.

This documentary follows the groundbreaking 1974 movie and it’s star, Sylvia Kristel, as she pivots herself into global stardom and finally via ruin to salvation.

We shot in Paris, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles.

Director/Writer/Producer: Jan Wellmann