Obliterate Conformity

Published by HoneyColony

It started at age 27. I didn’t pull them out. I wasn’t on steroids. I wasn’t pregnant. I didn’t use peroxide. There was nothing wrong with my thyroid gland. I ate high-quality protein and exercised regularly. Yet my hairline was receding at a rate of about a half a scalp per decade.

I tried to see the situation as a statistical probability, or a hereditary gift, but the bald doppelganger that hid behind my mirror wouldn’t let me trivialize. He wanted to replace me.

There is no single accepted method for whacking the doppelganger, but over two decades I’ve identified seven different steps of trying to make baldness bearable. Understanding the nature of these steps beforehand helps you reduce the pain factor.



Jimmy the Life Coach tells us to define our life goals and break them down to milestones. He tells us to realize our passion with a measuring cup. Visualize it Yoda -style. To jump fearlessly into the void and “be all we can be.” As a result many of us jump into a black pit that is less than 10-feet deep. The inevitable crash is sufficiently painful to make us temporarily forget how much we paid for Jimmy’s audiotapes. But if we want to jump again, we need to figure out what went wrong the first time.