Obliterate Conformity


One of the first interviews with Julian Assange after Wikileaks erupted unto public consciousness. I made this interview in Oslo, Norway, in 2012, after trying to lock him for an interview over several months of back-and-forth and supposedly security checks. After having a 90-minute sushi lunch with him in Berkeley he finally agreed to an interview… in Oslo. I […]


Pyromania follows those with an unhealthy fascination for fire. From children who play with fire to the story of John Orr, thought to be responsible for setting over 10,000 fires to “Bob”, a serial arsonist serving three life sentences in a mental institution, this film journeys into the state of mind when one doesn’t set fires for revenge or money but for the simple love of fire itself.

Shot in Liverpool, London, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle.

Director/Writer: Jan Wellmann

Production Company: Firecracker Films Ltd


Teaser of feature doc RIOT ON!

Director: Kim Finn
Writers: Kim Finn, Jan Wellmann, John Hakalax
Producers: Jan Wellmann, John Hakalax
Production Company: Hakalax Productions

This feature doc won a host of festival prices and worldwide distribution, and features ourselves as the stars of a mobile entertainment startup that burns through $21m just a tad too fast.


Thirteen year old Audrey Shaw is new to Bellweather, California and certain shell never fit in when she meets Krista Rich, the pretty, popular girl she aspires to be “or be with” shes just not sure.

Director: Jan Wellmann
Writer: Stephanie K. Smith (screenplay)
Stars: Shayla Beesley, Jaime Perkins and Gwen Davis