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Eliminating Doubt In The Vaccine Controversy

There are very few topics more polarizing today than the vaccine controversy. For the majority of people, it is insane to believe that vaccines could somehow develop into a public...

The BRCA Gene Fallacy: From Mastectomy To Mutilation

Here we are ladies. Fooled by a deadly medical claim. Yet again. The BRCA genes are not the bad guys, after all. In fact, it now appears that genes have...


Parasites: The Mischievous Guides To A Healthy Life

I call him Edgar because he doesn’t like to be associated with our definition of parasites. The classic Greek nomer (‘para’ means beside, and ‘sitos’ means food) doesn’t explain his nature. Most...


Inception Of Synthia: How A Biotech God Gave Birth To Synthetic Life

We feel most attached to this thing called life when it’s about to be taken away, robbed, cheated, or destroyed. Then we try to cling to it, at whatever cost,...

mental disorder

Manufacturing Insanity: From Orthorexia To Tickadoodlephobia

Eating healthy is now a mental disorder with a fancy name — orthorexia, if you trust the American Psychiatric Association (APA). This condition is about to be categorized under the...


Metabolomic Medicine: How To End Chronic Disease

Novel branch of medicine successfully identifies and addresses root cause of chronic ailments such as autoimmune disease for the first time.


Ketone Bodies: The Dietary Evolution To Superman

Our Biochemical Destiny Is Determined By Nutrition, Ketone Bodies In Particular.

being fat

How To Stop Being Fat, Ugly, and Stupid

If you dig an inch below the noise produced by the Industry of Acceptance and Self-Glorification, you’ll find an easy path to transformative answers. It begins by dispelling three basic myths that we’ve been taught about nutrition for over half a century.