Obliterate Conformity


Girl looking down on Athens on the eve of July 15. (2015 Copyright Jan Wellmann)

Published in shorter form in TruthOut and (full length) in Nation Of Change.   It’s the night of the Greek referendum, a landmark affair that could determine the future of Greece. Locals have gathered in Athens to feast on roasted corncobs, souvlakis, and socialize. No Molotov cocktails, no anarchists, not even so much as a scuffle. The […]

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  Published in NationOfChange The psychological and neurological foundation of why mostly “normal” people go postal. We will murder 38 people today in America. Over half of them will be family, friends, lovers, or acquaintances. Wives will shoot husbands. Boyfriends will strangle girlfriends. Parents will snuff out their kids. Teenage sons will stab their fathers. Only […]


  Published in HoneyColony, NationOfChange, Disinfo The 20th century medical revolution messed up in at least one regard. Instead of wiping out disease, it created a new generation of antibiotic resistant bacteria that cannot be treated. Some doctors talk about the return to the Middle Ages while others barely acknowledge the threat. The real problem stems from how we perceived […]


Published in Truth-Out, Nation Of Change, OpenDemocracy, DisInfo   It’s Monday morning and you’re preparing your first cup of coffee when the tanks roll into your neighborhood. Phone lines are cut, curfew is activated, and doors are broken down. You sigh. It’s another “cleanout day” in the not too distant future. The War On Terror has […]

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Half a decade ago or so I interviewed a former CDC expert for a History Channel piece. He used to be in charge of containing several outbreaks in Africa with Ebola and Marburg, the MERS outbreak in Malaysia, and couple of other hemorrhagic close calls. After leaving CDC, he was working out of a small […]

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group eating

Published In HoneyColony and Truth-Out. According to a new study by the School of Medical Sciences (UNSW Australia), junk food can alter behavior by causing lasting changes in the reward circuit of the brain – an alteration that triggers obesity. Although the UNSW study was conducted on rats, the conclusions are applicable to humans since mammals share similarities […]