Obliterate Conformity

being fat
general leading his army in war

We’ve been trying to cure cancer for a century, with ever-worsening odds. Lately, the odds are akin to that of Russian roulette. At the beginning of the last century the odds were one in 20. Today, one in every two men and one in every three women will get cancer. That’s over 18 million new cancer cases […]


Published in TruthOut, Nation Of Change I was a shivering in bed on my first night in Mogadishu. At 3:30 am, I killed the air conditioner. Moments later, the room felt stuffier than a London subway. I got up and paced around, wondering if it was safe to keep the balcony door open. A few […]

Girl looking down on Athens on the eve of July 15. (2015 Copyright Jan Wellmann)

Published in shorter form in TruthOut and (full length) in Nation Of Change.   It’s the night of the Greek referendum, a landmark affair that could determine the future of Greece. Locals have gathered in Athens to feast on roasted corncobs, souvlakis, and socialize. No Molotov cocktails, no anarchists, not even so much as a scuffle. The […]

breaking down murder

  Published in NationOfChange The psychological and neurological foundation of why mostly “normal” people go postal. We will murder 38 people today in America. Over half of them will be family, friends, lovers, or acquaintances. Wives will shoot husbands. Boyfriends will strangle girlfriends. Parents will snuff out their kids. Teenage sons will stab their fathers. Only […]